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    Risk Management

    in a Global Marketplace

    EAB Investment Group is an SEC registered investment company which specializes in derivatives strategies for RIA’s, Hedge Funds and Family Offices. EAB works as a risk advisor and adds value by developing strategy, product and hedging solutions using proprietary solutions.

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    "In order to manage the overall risk of disappointing their clients, advisors and managers have focused on keeping absolute and relative volatility low to improve the relationship between risk and return.

    Given the SEC disclaimer that past returns are not indicative of future performance in making investment decisions, it is no surprise that actual experienced portfolio returns do not resemble the smooth forecasts provided to clients. Obviously, it is difficult to predict returns on individual stocks or the market in general but managing risk should take into account as many variables as possible. In considering portfolio construction and risk management, human behavior is critical. Investors tend to panic sell at market bottoms and panic buy at market tops. We believe this might not be the case if investors had faith in their diversification methodology and its soundness."

    An excerpt from our White Paper "Defensive Equity as a fixed income replacement" 

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